Chelsea & Kensington Star Reports 26/06/2007
It has been a few short weeks since the gentlemens club owned by Decca Detlev was burnt down in what was initially thought to be a publicity stunt. The perpetrator, Jonathan D Milne, was quickly apprehended. The former tag partner of Decca Detlev was stupified as to why such a big deal was being made of it, but quickly offered remunition, of sorts. At the time we attempted to get hold of Mr Detlev so he could tell us what he thought. Unfortunately he was unable to answer, due to being near incapacitated by laughing so hard at the offer of $150,000. With conservative estimates putting the value of the club, renovation and the three year cycle at about 50,000,000, it's not hard to see why Mr Detlev found this so funny.

Decca Detlev has since been seen shaking hands at Scotland Yard. The most probable theory (not that we've got tippers in scotland yard, honest) is that Mr Detlev is attempting to have the crime itself dealt with in the civil court. This is important for two reasons. One, by moving it to the civil court, the process is smoother, quicker, and results in compensation, not jail time. Good for Mr Detlev, and Full Scale Pro. The second reason is that there are less technicalities. There's very little that a sharp lawyer can do in the civil courts. Especially given the video evidence and apologies in due course. 2007 is looking to be a very costly year for the man who became a second son of The Worlds End, Jonathan D Milne.

As we go to press, there has been some breaking news. Leaked reports suggest that Mr Detlev is insisting on a civil court trial, and quickly. This is believed to be because he may be forced to declare himself bankrupt. With men like Decca Detlev and Jonathan D Milne performing full time in Full Scale Pro, the show is hotting up. (Full Scale Pro is brought to you from the San Diego arena in California, usually by illegal download).