Milne to air seperate apologies 25/06/2007
In light of the recent events from the Jonathan D. Milne Arrest Controversy, a spokeswoman of the FSP Superstar announced yesterday that he will make seperate apologies for his conduct both in the promo he will air against Alexi Hayes and before his match on the July 1st edition of Sacrament.

The controversy arose when, in a promo conducted for his T.I.T. first round match against THC Thor, Milne was depicted as assaulting interviewer Therron Roachman, and then proceeding to incinerate the Gentleman's Club of Decca Detlev. Milne was subsequently arrested by Scotland Yard Police charged with assault, arson, and suspected terrorism. In addition, the Full Scale Pro Federation suspended him for two weeks, and the knighthood he would have received for that week's Sacrament was withdrawn by King Trip Eisen. Milne is also said to have faced criticism from quite a few roster members backstage, and has reportedly made his own personal apologies to them.

The announcement of the separate apologies was greeted last night with praise. Said Bryan Rose, joint owner of the Full Scale Pro Federation: "I think that Jonathan apologizing is the right step to take. For once, he is realizing his faults and it's about time he's fixed them."

Said King Eisen: "The King, and Kingdom of Eisen wish to say that they agree with the apologies offered by Jonathan D. Milne. However, The King is still disappointed that he got himself into such a situation in the first place."