New Development in Milne Lawsuit against Phoenix 11/06/2007
A month and a half after Jonathan D. Milne initially announced his intention to sue Silver Phoenix for the sum of $7.5 million for damages to his property, a new twist in the case arrived today as the Milne Family Empire announced its impatience with Mr Phoenix's delaying of paying up.

Speaking outside the newly rejuvenated Manor this morning, Paul Milne - the lawyer and brother of the FSP Superstar, announced not only an increase into the sum demanded to $13 million - almost double the original demand - in wake of Phoenix having destroyed the entire Manor, but also the intention to continue hiking the price up further on a weekly basis until Phoenix does actually pay the fine.

"It is our belief," Mr Milne said "that Mr Phoenix is entirely naive if he thought he could continue with this process of collecting 'donations' to his cause when as a high ranking FSP Superstar it is not entirely unreasonable that he is more than capable of being able to finance the ransom we demand in order to settle this lawsuit against Phoenix. The Milne Family Empire has therefore decided, with approval of a court injunction, to add 10% interest to the money demand for every week that Mr Phoenix does not pay the ransom. Right now, the ransom is $13 million. If, by tomorrow, Mr Phoenix has not paid up, the sum will increase to $14.3 million. Naturally, we have a deadline for how long we are willing to wait before we bring this matter to court. Mr Phoenix is therefore to be given 64 days in which to come up with the cash. If he still has not done so, then we will bring this matter to court, and by then the sum will have increased to $33.718,651,98 c. If Mr Phoenix is wise, he will be damned quicker about how he's attempting to stay out of jail.

In other news, Paul Milne also confirmed the appointment of Sensei Robert Saaj as Jonathan D. Milne's manager. Saaj used to train Milne in the days that Jonathan frequented martial arts circuits, and has now been appointed "to get Jonathan back in the main headlines where he damn well belongs".